Bow Chicka Podcast – Episode 14: Love Actually

Bow Chicka Podcast

We’re back, baby!!!

And I can’t say that we knew this was the world we’d be returning to. We recorded this episode long before the madness began. Perhaps you can be momentarily transported to a time before this reality!!

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Bow Chicka Podcast – Episode 13: Sex and the City, Season 1

This week we’re diving back into the wonderful world of television with season 1 of Sex and the City.

It’s the early days for Miranda, Samantha, Carrie and Charlotte and they’re all just exploring their relationships to each other, to men and, of course, to sex.

The article Mel references in this episode can be found here: Used Cows and Crumpled Flowers.

And if you want to explore your Enneagram Type, go ahead and click on this link and take the test. We talk about it A LOT and it will make a lot more sense! ūüėČ

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Stay Sexy!!! XOXO

Bow Chicka Podcast – Episode 12: American Pie

This week we are taking on the 1999 teen “classic” American Pie.

I (Lizzie) am the one who edits the podcast and writes the posts, so I get to call it a true classic or a “classic.” ;P And, clearly, my personal feelings never interrupt the delicate flow of our podcast!

Hahaha, but I jest! It definitely has it’s place in the lexicon of teen movies of the 90’s.

One of the things we’d like to know from you this week, is whether or not your prom was more or less like American Pie? Was there sexy times to be had? Did you live it up in a big mansion? Was it the night of your dreams? Share your prom story in the comments below or email us at

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Bow Chicka Podcast – Episode 11: 9 1/2 Weeks

I think this episode is a first for us. Lizzie, Mel & Melissa were all united in disliking the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. Sorry, Mickey Rourke…this film was not our kink!!

But it’s hard to look back at a movie that is so clearly made for a moment in time and not judge it harshly!! We tried…well, Mel & Melissa tried! Lizzie has no chill about movies she doesn’t like. ūüėČ

What we’d like to hear are your comments about 9 1/2 Weeks!! It was recommended to us by a lot of people and we want to know what made it stand out for so many people! So make sure to comment below or email us at

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Bow Chicka Podcast – Episode 10: Love & Basketball

This week we’re talking Love & Basketball. And it brought up the little known fact that Lizzie has a deep love of basketball. From family members playing ball to her roommate in college introducing her to this movie to her family watching the Orlando Magic play in the mid-90’s heyday.

What’s wonderful about watching all different kinds of movies is that it has led to lots of personal stories!! Do you have a movie you’d like us to tackle? Leave it in the comments below or email us at

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Bow Chicka Podcast: Episode 9: Dirty Dancing

Well, we have some terrible news to report. The band is breaking up. We thought we had a good thing going and then this week’s movie, Dirty Dancing, came up and we realized it had to end. Mainly because Dirty Dancing is one of Lizzie’s all time favorite movies and neither Mel nor Melissa “care for it much.” If you can imagine such a thing!!!

Rather than throw in the towel (I jest), Lizzie called in reinforcements. Our special guest this week, Cristina Fowler or came in to help defend TEAMDIRTYDANCING!!

But what we really want to know is whether or not you Team Dirty Dancing. Let us know in the comments below, via email or vote in our Twitter poll!!

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Bow Chicka Podcast: Episode 8: Outlander

At long last! Lizzie can finally stop dropping “subtle” hints about how much she loves Outlander, how we should talk about Outlander, and oh…hey…what about Outlander!

We discussed, at length, how to handle television. We definitely want to! But it’s trickier than movies.

So, we decided, when we take on a show, we’ll be tackling it season by season. And, hey, we’re starting with…you guess it…OUTLANDER! Specifically season 1. (Lizzie could not be more excited!!!!)

But Diana Gabaldon (author of Outlander) has some explaining to do!!!

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Bow Chicka Podcast РEpisode 7: Y Tu Mamá También

Esta semana estamos hablando de la pel√≠cula “Y Tu Mam√° Tambi√©n”.

Dato curioso: ni Lizzie, Mel ni Melissa hablan espa√Īol con fluidez. ¬°Lo interesante es que las diferentes culturas manejan el sexo de maneras muy diferentes!

Y aunque esta no fue nuestra película favorita de todos los tiempos, ¡condujo a una conversación muy interesante! Nuestro tipo favorito!

(This was all translated using Google Translate, so if it’s wrong, I blame them!!!)

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Bow Chicka Podcast – Episode 6: Book Club

Previously on Bow Chicka Podcast, Lizzie, Mel and Melissa got down and dirty with the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy (you’re welcome!)

This week, we’re talking about the movie Book Club. And what book is the club discussing? Oh, that’s right…50 Shades of Grey!! That’s synchronistic AF!!

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